Angolan transdisciplinary artist working between London and Lisbon. Henrique explores morphologies in cultural expressions - The conduct of his research navigates across African philosophy, post-colonial studies and social politics; Tracing the relationship between time, space and oralities.

In the past installations he has used video, performance, photography, audio and sculpture to dissect the overlaps between branding and identity as well as contemporary technologies in contrast to cultural consciousness. Recent  projects include:

Home I s Where The Body Isn’t Solo Exhibition at Turf Projects in London (2019); Confluência moving image piece published by Autograph ABP; Cultural Decoding Collaborative Exhibition featuring ON WHEELS, London (2021); From A Distance Calling Residency show at Hangar, Lisbon (2021).


Lisbon based cultural association  progaming  cultural and artistic projects to host socio-cultural conversations and debates ; centred on themes such as representation, collective identities and artistic expressions. With the main objective of dialoguing with contemporary and historical African experiences from global Africa.
Founded by Henrique in 2018