Angolan  transdisciplinary artist  and philosophy student at the University of Hertfordshire. After his first solo residency in London entitled ‘Home Is Where The Body Isn’t’ in 2019, Henrique’s been developing work centred  on the African diasporic experience. Interested in forms of physical and conceptual redefinition of space - through movement and speech, his  work dissects in collaborative endeavours  between himself and other individuals, or involves the setting up of  installations  where others are influenced to perform in certain ways. 

He spent much of his childhood in Barreiro, where he started his artistic practice using his body and movement as a storytelling instrument. Later migrated to the United Kingdom, London, more precisely Croydon, where he later took his course in Visual Art and Design.

Henrique’s  research  is grounded across African philosophy, post-colonial studies and social politics; Managing rhetorics about displacements of space and occupation. Increasingly focused on the relationship between time, space and communication. 

Physical publication

Print X Turf Projects

 ‘Fonte’ (community
In Portuguese = source/fountain/foundation A digital platform and collective ran by 9 gen Z people committed to challenging the invisibility of minority groups in Portugal; with the wider aim to eradicate colonial epistemologies from African-centred prespectives.