2021 public installation , Brixton, London
in collaboration @patrickedemglavee and @onwheeeels

Cultural Decoding 

Visual exploring how we comprehend imagery and text, in relation to our cultural identities/positioning.

 How do we process visual information?
Does meaning change with perspective and perception?
How do we formalise this process to create a formula for reuse?

“Patrick initiated the dialogue through interrogating whether design can manipulate human order processing or if there can be a design which triggers one to have notion of her/his order processing (act)... this thoughts birthed other questions: what is order or normality?
Inviting epistemological and geo-historical rhetorics to follow alongside the ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogan which has emerged in the African diaspora to stress the violence and micro-aggressions inflicted upon the Black bodies in western landscapes. Given such notion of space & location BLM is fundamentally a western political ideology  refering to a western social identity.

The billboard evokes a sense of curiosity about the ways this social-political identity can negotiate with African heritage/Afrocentricity - the ways in which the concept Blackness isn’t capable to reach  pre-colonial forms of knowledge and language - we attempt to visually bridge both universes.”

Text by Henrique