Henrique J Paris

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REGISTO   (Record)

The research takes place in the field of citizenship exploring between; the body in the city and identity in the city. How my body (as a cultural artefact) disintegrates from the stereotyped frequencies that the city carries.

“It is important to understand what it means for an identity not to exist in its own language...” (Grada, 2020) Identity tied to gestures and languages that inflict violence on bodies for the colonial gaze.
As suggested by author Clenora Hudson; In this investigation I navigate in a cultural context, which encompasses phenomena such as language, history, clothing, behaviour...(Clenora, 1997) Layers that reflect my critical experience in conversation with contemporary Lisbon. Dialoguing between Citizenship and Cultural Identity - Difference between knowing / being therefore rethinking forms of cardiography and registering presences in everyday life.

Text: Henrique & Ana Raquel Manhique
Recidency at HANGAR - artistic research center, Lisbon