Henrique J Paris

Cultural Decoding

Visually exploring how we comprehend imagery and text, in relation to our cultural identities/positioning.

How do we process visual information?
Does meaning change with perspective and perception?
How do we formalise this process to create a formula for reuse?

Patrick initiated the dialogue interrogating whether design can manipulate human order processing or if there can be a design capable to activate one’s notion of her/his own  process of critically de-coding graphical content.
Landing onto epistemological and geo-historical rhetorics in conversation with the mainstream ‘Black Lives Matter’ propaganda. Altough immediately serving  African diasporic lives to tackle series of micro-aggressions we are faced with in western landscapes.

This notion of space grasps  BLM as a fundamentally a western political ideology with the billboard’s graphical stand evoking a sense of curiosity around social-political identity along with actual African cultural mecanics /Afrocentricity.
Text by Henrique