Henrique J Paris as a researcher and practitioner is interested in the idea of articulation as a cult; understanding both the dialogue and the discourse as forms of intervening with epistemicide in contemporary parameters - with use of multi-media, design and installation to look closely onto collective; public and domestic practices to study the ways our engagement with objects (physical and mental) resonate with past  historical affairs and consequently inform other possibilities.

Addressing (and/or) Undressing political discontentments  through aesthetics claiming materials as trans-contemporary  informants. A vital aspect of Henrique’s practice is allowing time and space for thought as a method in itself. inviting himself and collaborators to express themselves in response to prompts – all pushing the dichotomy amongst ‘productivity’ and ‘product’. 

Henrique is also part of the Rio de Janeiro based Ancient Philosophy research group Geru Maa - Laboratory of Africology and Amerindian Studies Led by Katiuscia Ribeiro. Currently completing a BA in Philosophy with Film at UH in Hertfordshire - southern England. 

photograph by Nii Obodai.