Henrique J Paris

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(b. 2000) Angolan researcher and art practitioner  interested counter-colonial epistemologies. his works locate languages and methods of knowledge production through voicing both dispersed sentiments and information. Henrique’s approach is often site specific and take corporeality as a starting point.

Using multi-media installations, performance and design he observes both; public and domestic languages, to study how our engagements (physical & mental) with corporeal objects are determined by historical affairs.

He conveys materiality in means to encapsulate cultural data: making sense of time or what Darell Wayne Fields describes as distributing sound and the absence of sound (Fields, 2015). A vital aspect of Henrique’s practice is enabling space and time for critical thought as the production process goes on - inviting himself and collaborators to express themselves in response to prompts, all pushing the dichotomy amongst ‘productivity’ and ‘product’.

Henrique has a BA in Philosophy with Film through University of Hertfordshire and is currently part of Geru Maa - Laboratory of Africology and Amerindian Studies; Laboratory at the UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro.

photograph by Nii Obodai.