Photograph by Nii Obodai Provencal.
(b. 2000) Angolan transdisciplinary Artist-Researcher, graduated in Philosophy with Film at the University of Hertfordshire and currently completing an MPhil in Architecture Research at Royal College of Art. Henrique cross-examines spatial and memorial politics, following from his first solo exhibition home is where the body isn’t. in 2019, where he started developing a body of work contemplating forms of spatial recasting; home translated through embodied and gesticulative processes rather than static structures.

His works pose questions between themes of moral codes, authority, authorship, re-institution and tactility. Mainly concerned with philosophy, visual culture and architecture. Henrique’s ongoing research assembles diffent approaches in Anti-colonial theory to investigate prospects in historiography, archiving, image making and knowledge production choreographies

Past projects  include Body as Testemony at Iniva in London, Tactility:Cultural Heritage and Land at the V&A Museum, LUSOPHONIC HAPTICITIES at The África Centre, Mem | ora | bilia at Brixton House Theatre, Registos Bantu w/ Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin and My Ontological Corporeality at Hangar in Lisbon and more.