(b. 2000) Angolan independent researcher and art practitioner, graduated in Philosophy with film at the University of Hertfordshire. Henrique cross-examines spatial and memorial politics. Following from his very first solo exhibition ‘home is where the body isn’t.' in 2019, Henrique has been developing works that contemplate ‘spatial recasting’ thus home as embodied gesticulative processes.

His works pose questions inbetween themes of authority, autonomy, care and subjecthood - concerned with philosophy, visual culture and architecture. Henrique’s ongoing research is informed by counter-colonial theory(ies) to investigate design, image making and knowledge production disciplines.

Past projects  include Tactility: (re)thinking ethics of cultural heritage and land at the V&A Museum in London, Mem | ora | bilia at Brixton House Theatre, Registos Bantu w/ Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin, My Ontological Corporeality at Hangar in Lisbon and more.